Wilmington, DE

  • Wilmington provides a snap-shot of small town America, where residential and commercial real estate values have plummeted back to Year 2000 levels.
  • Wilmington’s West Side has one of the lowest ratios of parks to people in the country.
  • Where there is almost no open space, there is also the highest concentration of youth.
  • Red Fields to Green Fields will:
    • Acquire 165 parcels and transform Wilmington’s neighborhoods.
    • Remove from the market 50% of the vacant property tin the target area.
    • Put every resident of the target area within 500 feet of park or open space.
    • Increase property values by $36 million
    • Create pocket parks, community gardens, playgrounds, art parks, and dog parks.
    • Create hundreds of jobs and serve as a revitalization model for small town America.


National Research Project - Phase 1 Meeting

Atlanta, GA - January 19, 2010
Presenter: Paul Calistro

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National Research Project - Phase One City Studies

Vacant properties exert a downward pressure on real estate prices, leading to a vicious cycle of disinvestment, abandonment, and depressed value.