Hilton Head Island

The Town of Hilton Head Island has a rich history, beautiful beaches, pristine waterways, abundant wildlife and native vegetation, giving it national and international recognition as a highly desirable place to visit, live and retire. It is the Town’s desire to retain its reputation as a quality residential-resort area, maintain a sustainable economy, protect the island’s cultural and natural resources, and provide for the efficient delivery of public services in a fiscally responsible manner. The central issue now is how to sustain this economic system as the Town transitions from a successful growth pace to relative maturity while preserving the natural settings, fragile ecology, amenities and infrastructure that will continue to attract and retain retirees and visitors.

The change in economic conditions over the past several years has not impacted Hilton Head Island as much as larger cities. However, the Town has not been immune to the downward turn of the economy. Property values have declined and properties are being sold below historical market values. There are many commercial properties that are vacant, underutilized, or are underperforming.

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